Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ruler Growth Chart

Ok, so I am terrible at this blogging thing. Every time I think I am going to finally get back into it, I stop halfway through a post...usually because Little D needs someone to play with him or change his diaper...only to find said post months--yes, months--later when I once again try to get back into it. It's a pattern. So, here's one that I started in August, found about a week ago, and am finally posting today...hopefully.  So let's get back to why we're really here..

No Pinterest find is safe! I just can't help myself. One of my very first Pinterest finds, ever, was this ruler growth chart. Anyone who is a regular Pinner has surely seen this one from 517 Creations...

What a great way to watch the growth of your little ones. Plus, it makes for great wall art, especially with our awkwardly small wall space at Quaint Oaks. The best part, no tearful goodbyes to a piece of molding or wall when we move one day. This growth chart can come with us! 

Pardon the less-than photo quality. That's another hang up when it comes to blogging. I always wanted to try to post perfect pictures. Well, forget that. No time. You get what you get. iPhone pictures edited with a free app. Enjoy!

This project is so simple! I bought a piece of wood from Lowes, 1x8x6, for $11. Ian stained it for me to give it a school ruler color. Then, I marked off every inch along the side. Using my handy dandy t-square and a fine point Sharpie paint marker, I went over my lines. To get that ruler look, I made all of the lines 1 inch, except for the quarter lines which I made 2 inches. 

The numbers were a little tricky. I printed numbers 1 through 6 in a font that looked ruler-like. I think I used Georgia, size 125 or so...remember, I did this months ago! Anyway, rub the backside of the numbers with pencil. Then, using a ball point  pen, trace the outer edges of the numbers so that the pencil marks are impressed on the wood. I used an extra fine point Sharpie marker to go over the pencil lines and color in the numbers. This part requires a steady hand, which I don't have, but it was easier than you would think.  Finally, I sprayed it with a clear, semi-gloss spray seal. That's it! 

Check out 517 Creations for better step by step instructions. People absolutely love these and they make great shower gifts! All of my friends are popping out babies so I have an assembly line going. So far I've marked Little D's height when he started standing, took his first steps, and started walking...obsessed.