Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.10.11

It's been a looong time since we did one of these, but I took a lot of pictures this weekend and found a few snaps that meet this week's themes.  So here it goes...

1.  Motion

One of my favorite places on the Boardwalk is the carousel.  I remember riding it as a kid...though it seems to move faster than I remember!  I wanted to practice snapping motion shots and thought the carousel would be the perfect subject!

2.  Waiting to Click

Second favorite place n the boardwalk...the shootin' saloon.  Let me just say that I am not a supporter of guns.  But one of my greatest childhood memories is going to the Boardwalk with my dad to shoot fake guns at little targets that make things come to life!  I think the whole thing used to remind me of the George Harrison video, I Got My Mind Set on You.

3.  In Fashion

This weekend was my sister's wedding!  After a minor shoe crisis, I ended up wearing these fabulous heels!  The cutest flower girl you've ever seen was so excited about our fancy shoes that she wanted me to snap a picture.

4.  Animal's Perspective

I'm really trying to learn more about our Nikon3100.  I was walking with Booper (our kitty) across our wooden bridge and thought it might be neat to see the walk from his perspective.  I think I definitely could have done better with this picture...I wish I would have focused on something more clearly.   Better luck next time.

5.  Many

For my sister's wedding favors, she gave her guests a bottle of Verdi.  These were also her place cards so that guests could find their tables.  Great idea!


  1. All your pictures are beautiful! Great Job!

  2. Fun photos! Love the waiting to click collage! :)

  3. These are so great - I love your waiting to click collage.

  4. Great work! The waiting to click collection is so fun... and love the colors of the carousel!

  5. You're so clever and awesome Allison. I love the Animal's Perspective.

  6. How cool!! Love the motion and animal perspective! Awesome photos! Have a good week!

  7. So fun! I like this post, and I love weddings! Hope it was wonderful for you and yours :-)

  8. 1st and last pics are the best, I love the vibrant colors!

  9. Great colors from the boardwalk....and the animal perspective is very cool.