Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Thank You Gift

Today was a BIG day for us! As we walked into daycare school, I anticipated the dreaded moment when Denver grasps my sleeve, his lip starts to quiver as he breaks into tears, and he makes a face that screams, "don't go!" But today, nothing. Not a tear. He happily went to his teacher and even walked me out as he helped the teacher get milk from the kitchen. Denver likes school! It took him a while to adjust, but today was the first morning I went to work feeling completely okay with my decision to have Denver spend a few days a week at daycare. Today was a great day...

Actually, it was bittersweet because yesterday I received the unfortunate news that Denver's teacher was leaving. Denver absolutely adores her...and so do I! She gives me such great first-time-mom advice and takes such good care of my little guy. Even though we have only known her a very short time, I have really grown to like her and am going to miss her. Tomorrow is Denver's last day with Miss Kathleen.

I needed a special way to thank her for helping Denver adjust, and taking care of him when he suddenly got a fever, and giving him seconds at snack, and knowing to give him the red truck when he is sad. With little time to get a gift, I had to think fast so I obviously turned to Pinterest and remembered these delicious jar scents from The Yummy Life that I made for myself this past winter. It's the perfect gift.

I sliced up four lemons and squished them in a jar. Then I added water...I had to play with the lemon slices a bit so they lined the jar rather than pile up in the middle. I also strategically squished in 6 sprigs of rosemary and then topped it all off with 4 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract. Now, all Miss Kathleen has to do is pour it in a small pot and simmer, adding water as needed. People say this scent is the same that greets you in Williams Sonoma, but I can't tell. I think it will be perfect now that spring is coming and we'll all be opening windows and airing out a long winter. I added some twine and a paper circle for the lid, and there you have it. Nothing fancy, but simply perfect.

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