Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Has Most Certainly Sprung

I keep falling into some serious blogging lulls.  I guess things have been busy around here.  As we move into Spring, I realize why I love it here so much.  In the winter, Quaint Oaks is nice, but it loses much of its beauty, as I'm sure most yards do.  It is so exciting to hear birds and see shades of green come out from hiding.  Here are some early shots of Quaint Oaks.  Ian has done a lot of work transplanting and cleaning out...I can't wait for everything to fill in!



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  1. Beautiful pictures Allison.....lhe baseball/spider shot....and I loved the tea party idea! I tried to ignore the whole Royal wedding thing myself but got hooked that morning of and got to work late. Bill kept following me turning off all the TV's that morning.....funny.