Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

I realize this isn't a very original post in the blogosphere, but I had to proclaim my own recent addiction to Pinterest.

...true story

When I first came across this site, I thought it was just another way for me to save things I like.  I already use Diigo and Evernote and have more lists than is healthy for one person.  But then I saw a picture of the Pinterest homepage...not the actual homepage because you need to request an invite for an account in order to access all of the pins.  Kind of a bummer...but part of the appeal!

I am a visual person, so this is ideal for me!  Every now and then a browse the Pinterest boards and "repin" things that strike my fancy onto my own boards...I've built quite a few!  Also, when I peruse all of the blogs I follow, I can pin my favorite images to remind myself of something I want to try or fall in love with.  Now, rather than searching through all of the For the Home bookmarks I've saved, waiting for pages to load, and looking for whatever it is I wanted to save in the first place, it's all there laid out for me in an organized visual collage.

Here are clips from some of my boards...

...because it's nice to remember

There's two things that I love about Pinterest.  First, I lack vision when I decorate, shop, entertain, etc.  If I look at the boards that I've created over time, I can get a sense of what I really like and inspire myself!  Also, if friends and family want to join and become your friends on Pinterest, they can look at your boards and learn what you like.  Makes gift-shopping a breeze!  You hear that Mommy???  hint, hint

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