Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired

Going into my 12th week, everyone said the queasiness and exhaustion would wear off.  WRONG!  I have been such a slug!  Poor Ian...he has been so busy around the house, running electric, transplanting things around the yard, mulching, doing laundry...and all I do is rest.  I feel awful!  I made a nice dinner last night, which was difficult with the raw meat and the hot, poorly ventilated kitchen (by the way, we have no air conditioning).  And now I'm whining!  See???  I need to find something to keep me busy!

My new obsession with Pinterest has kept me occupied, but immobile and unproductive!  I think I will pick a couple things from my Crafts & DIY board to do this summer.  Perhaps...

Ruler Art
Wouldn't this be great to measure the growth of a little one???  A little early, perhaps, but it would be a nice piece of wall art for now.  I just found the perfect piece of wood in our wood pile! 

Lavender Wreath
I wonder if I could pull this off?

Head Board
I have been meaning to get around to building or buying a headboard but I haven't made any progress, yet.  I think I love this!  Not as much woodwork as I had anticipated and I love the picture ledge!  I wonder if I could sew that pillow?  This may require a new duvet cover.


Tiered Cake Stand
I love this cake easy cake stand!  I don't need one, but I just love it!

Glass Etching
I have always wanted to try this!  It looks so easy...I just have to decide what to etch.  Love the water idea.  This may even give me an excuse to buy a Cricut.

Mercury Glass
I absolutely love mercury glass.  I don't know where this new obsession came from, and my collection only consists of two fake candlesticks from Target.  I want more and I can't afford the real thing so this may be a perfect DIY project for me.

Will any of this get done???  We'll have to see.  Every time I think my energy is coming back, I find myself out of breath and laying down with Netflix.  I just want to feel normal again! 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the headboard. I may have to steal this idea! I love the lavender wreath...and I love the ruler. Sure beats the old pencil markings on the wall! Love the mercury glass. My, I think I love them all. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Feel better. Everyone's pregnancy is so different. I bet very soon you're going to be feeling 100% and full of energy. It will all be worth it in the end, I promise.