Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Giftwrap

I guess the crazy, obsessive teacher in me wants to make sure that I provide opportunities for Denver to learn and be enriched...even at 11 weeks old (please keep eye rolls and snickers to a minimum). I am also always looking for ways to spice up cards and gift wrap....ding ding ding, learning opportunity! Denver has been practicing his art while also exercising his hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. least I'm telling myself that all of this is happening.

Denver is going to meet his cousin for the first time this weekend.  They are about a month and a half apart in age so I am excited for them to become best buds.  Anyway, Denver wanted to get something for his cousin so I of course had to think up some sort of crafty gift wrap. I took some old wrapping paper and taped it to a lap desk.  Then, I had Denver grasp different color markers and unintentionally draw all over the wrapping paper.  He loved it!

I just added some ribbon and links for a little embellishment (and every mommy knows what prized items links can be!), and suddenly had a super cute, super personalized gift wrapped gift!

...I think he's going to be an artist

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