Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Mobile

One of the DIY pieces in Denver's nursery is this mobile.  

I searched everywhere for something unique, colorful, and inexpensive, but I couldn't find anything I really liked.  Then I came across a mobile on Pinterest from ohdeedo.com that I thought I could work with.  

Without a tutorial or a close up view, I had to wing it.  Unfortunately, while making my mobile, I didn't think to snap pictures for a future blog post...lesson learned. So follow me, if you can...

1) I bought a book of scrapbook paper that was boyish and full of primary colors.
2) I used a circle punch to create hundreds of uniform circles. I also used a smaller punch to make smaller circles so that I could layer here and there to add some extra pizzazz.  
3) Using a stylus, I punctured a hole in each circle. By making the hole just slightly off-center, the discs lean in different directions. 
4) Then, I strung the circles together using lightweight, clear jewelry wire...or you could use fishing line. You can make your strings as long or as short as you like.  
5) When I had all of my circles strung, I had to start assembling the three concentric rings that would create a layered mobile.  I bought three circular looms in three different sizes and painted them white. Then, I tied each string of circles around the inner ring of each loom. I used clear Scotch tape to keep them in place.  
6) The hardest part was bring the three rings together. To do this, I cut four pieces of white ribbon, all the same length.  I measured out four points of equal distance on each ring.  Then, I wrapped the ribbon around corresponding points on the three rings to connect them into tiers. This was not easy...Ian had to help!
7) Then, I replaced the outer ring of each loom to finish off each layer.  This also helps to hold everything in place.  
8) I gathered the four ribbons at the top and tied them to a ring so that I could hang the mobile over Denver's crib. 

Now that Denver is almost 3 months old, he is able to focus on the mobile and enjoys watching it when I make it spin.  I think I am going to go to Radio Shack and buy a small, simple motor so that it can spin on its own...more on that later!

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