Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our 1st Lull

Ok, so in this blog's infancy, I already find myself getting busy with other things and allowing my posts to fall father and farther down my list of priorities. Well that simply won't do. I am going to commit to posting regularly.

What's been keeping us so busy??? Oh nothing. Just a little DIY project for my sister's wedding. Ian and I are building her a photo-wall. She desperately wanted a photo booth, but they're pricey. Then I found the perfect alternative. Check out this phenomenal photo-wall! Ian and I said, "we can totally do that!" So, I started drafting a plan. Ian went out and bought all kinds of power tools, lumber and plywood. For the past 3 days, we have been working to build the perfect photo wall! It is just about done so we will post a blog about the details soon. Here's a sneak peek...

Yes, that's me with a miter saw. Scary, right?

Our first photo-wall frame! This frame was a great find at our new favorite antique shop, the Black Rose in Allentown, PA. It was a mirror, but we took out the actual mirror and saved it for later. After Jessie's wedding, this frame will probably find a place somewhere at Quaint Oaks.

Next time I write, I will absolutely share more pictures! I am also dying to share some other DIYs that I have been working on for Jessie, but this being a public forum and all, it will be hard to keep them a surprise. They will all be shared soon!

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