Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To-Do List

Ok, so Ian and I started this list long before we started our blog. We thought we would hold off on posting all of our to-do's until we knew we were in a position to start crossing some off. Well forget that! You've got to set goals to meet goals. So here they are, in no particular order.

Shouldn't be a problem...
  • Apply molding to the baseboard
  • Add baseboard in library
  • Apply trim and proper door frame the French doors into the mudroom/man cave
  • Re-hang plants indoors...we just need nicer hangy-things
  • Run water pipe to the dryer so we can finally use the steam function!
  • Repair heating duct insulation
  • Set-up proper workshop in the garage
  • Install motion light near garage
  • Install automatic garage door opener
  • Repair gutter leaks
  • Power-wash the aluminum siding...and hopefully replace eventually!
  • Fish pond fountain
  • Finish fish pond landscaping
  • Fix sink drain
  • Replace ballcock toilet; add dual-flush system
  • Install carpeting under the bed in the upstairs bedroom
  • Figure out a headboard for the bed
  • Black and white photo wall
  • Fix the lawn mower starter pull-string
  • Run a cold water line to the refrigerator
  • Replace heating duct room plates
  • Floating shelves around sun-room door frame
  • Paint kitchen cabinets and change hardware
  • Fix coat hanging area in library
  • Find a cleaner way to run cable upstairs
  • Rugs - large area rugs in living room and guest room, and a runner for the stairs
  • Find wall decor for the wall above the stairs, across from the bed
  • Change overhead light in library

May take some time...
  • Run water pipe to the outdoors
  • Run electricity to the outdoors
  • Run electricity from front yard lamp-post to the house
  • Paint and spruce up bathroom
  • Extend chimney
  • Remodel guest room
  • Build bench/storage in sunroom
  • Replace bathroom sink with pedestal sink
  • Replace bath tub/shower
  • Install outdoor lighting for evenings in the backyard
  • Install a speaker system throughout the house
  • Add shutters and window boxes (?) - especially to the sunroom windows

One day...
  • Finish hard-woods in every room
  • Install air conditioning using our in-house spring
  • Finish stone foundation
  • Patio

To buy... (my favorite category!)
  • New grill
  • Reading chairs for sunroom
  • Pull-out sofa to replace futon in guest room
  • Speaker system

    Maybe by jotting it all down in this handy-dandy list and sharing it with all of you, we will feel a sense of urgency to start tackling some of these projects.

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