Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Journey Begins

We've been at Quaint Oaks for about a year and a half and have already made a lot of improvements, but we're a long way from done.  If you take a look at our house tour, you'll see what we mean.  Yesterday, we received our new camera...not to name drop, but it's a Nokia D3100.  We had a snow day today (hooray!) and were snapping all kinds of experimental pictures.  We got to talking about how regretful we were that we didn't get better pictures of our nasty old bathroom and the blood red wall in the sunroom before they got fresh coats of paint and became charming.  Then, we ambitiously decided that a blog would be a perfect way for two youngsters to document their early years...I say youngsters because I had a minor melt down on my 30th the other day, but thanks to my amazing husband and his ability to throw one heck of a surprise party, I'm suddenly taking it much better and dare I say it? ...not feeling so old!

So here we are, two youngsters collecting, DIYing, and turning our oddly constructed 1950's house into our cozy cottage.  We made a promise to be better about taking pictures of the old and the new.  So, (please raise a glass of your favorite wine) here's to day one!

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