Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday 3.22.11


It's Ten on Tuesday! I can't remember the last time I linked up. This week I think I'll do in true Kim fashion and share 10 things on my mind...

1. Happy World Water Day!

Today we had a great day at school, talking about global water issues and also having fun with some water relay and endurance games. I am proud to announce that my team won the endurance competition! Not to brag, but other teams walked an average of 115 laps with gallon jugs of water above their heads...my team proudly walked 169!!! GO BIG BLUE!

2. Closet Bravo Fan

I am so embarrassed, but I am addicted to Bravo! Real Housewives, Bethanny...I love it all. Except for Top Chef. Isn't that weird? Me, Allison, never got into Top Chef. My real weakness??? Weekend marathons! Granted, I haven't been home in over 5 weeks to catch one, but next chance I get, I just may plant myself on my couch and enjoy a few hours...even if I've seen them already.

3. Snow??? Seriously?!?

It's supposed to snow in the morning. Seriously, no joke. It was almost 80 the other day! Good thing I didn't pack away my winter clothes! PS...I know I've posted this picture many times, but I love it!

4. Blog #2

Can you guess why Ian is s excited??? We've started another blog. Find, Fix, Share is an education blog. Ian and I love to find resources and fix them to meet our needs. This blog helps us share them with our professional learning networks. You may not be a teacher, and therefore not care, but I would love some feedback. It is truly in its infancy so don't expect too much, but I'm trying to lay the foundation.

5. A Crafting Lull

I have been so busy that I have not "crafted" anything in way too long. I really need to get creative. I'd like to make a spring wreath for my door. I love this one that was featured on Inspired by Charm. Maybe after Jessie's wedding I will feel inspired by the charm of this wreath...man that was cheesy.

6. Odyssey of the Mind

I have to take a moment to say how proud I am of the Odyssey teams at my school! We had some great OMers this year with truly creative solutions. We had two teams win first place and secure a spot at states! Even more exciting, 2 boys won the prestigious Renatra Fusca award for their Rube Goldberg contraption...a complex machine that grated carrots! The Renatra Fusca is something they only award if someone really stands out! Some years it is not even awarded. This year, not only did those two gentlemen win the honor, but so did an entire other team from our school for their incredibly high score! One of the highest in Odyssey history! What an incredible accomplishment for these kids. They blow me away with their creativity.

7.We Are So Lucky...

These past few weeks have been a true test of human strength. Between the revolutions in the Middle East, the crisis in Japan, and many other hardships being endured each and every day, Ian and I often remind each other of just how lucky we are...to not live in fear, to have all that we need, to have each other. Those who are fighting for freedom, rebuilding their nation, and enduring the hardest of times are in our thoughts.

8. Dexter

Back to something more shallow...Ian and I have rediscovered our love of Dexter. That show will be the rue of us! Not only do we stay up until all hours watching all of the episodes so that we can get the next disc on Netflix, but John Lithgow's character gives me nightmares! ...seriously!

9. Yellow Wellies
(apologies for the poor picture quality)

A few years ago, my sister gave me an awesome pair of J.Crew Yellow Wellies with pink and blue laces on the sides. I absolutely loved them but never had the nerve to wear such bold fashion pieces! The other day we got a TON of rain...so much that we thought we may have a 2-hour delay. I sported these awesome boots with a pair of skinny jeans and officially became the most trendy teacher of the day!

10. Non-Stop

Ian and I love nothing more than quiet weekends at home. It has been over 5 weeks since we have even slept in our own beds on the weekends! I am usually pretty flexible about this sort of thing. Ian has really been trooper. But even I am ready for a break. Next weekend it looks like we will finally have a normal, restful weekend at Quaint Oaks. You can be sure we will be doing something to blog about!


  1. I am a closet Bravo fan too. :-) I can only stand the Real Housewives of Orange County though, the other housewives are lost on me. Seriously can't believe you don't like Top Chef as much as you enjoy cooking though, ha! Your event for World Water Day sounds really cool & I'm hopping over to see your new blog next. Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. That is awesome that your school did so well with Odessey. That Rube Goldberg project would be neat to see, as those type of things bring a smile to my face.

    Mixed up schedules definitely suck! I hope your weekend goes well. I figure my husband can finaloly be home when he finishes school in 3-4 years. Dang the medical field taking so much school, but at the same time it helps deter the goofoofs from becoming surgeons or physical therapists:)

  3. Step out of the closet, there is no shame in loving all that bravo nonsense! I, too, LOVE pretty much everything that they have on, especially the housewives and Tabatha. Oh and how cute is that wreath? Although thinking about making it exhausted me so I'm not sure I'll get around to it.