Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

Ok, we have a minor problem.  It started with an attempt to create a white and neutral living space so that the room would seem airy, bright, and versatile.  Then, due to our quaint living room, we needed quaint furniture...enter IKEA couches.  Love them, but they're short.  This makes end tables a problem.  So, we had a white living room with white furniture and white decorating accents.  We needed some color.

I bought this fabric to make I just need some inspiration, which I may have found at my friend Annie's blog, With a Little Wine and a Paintbrush.

 Then, a few weeks ago, Ian and I went antiquing.  Actually, we were on our way to Home Goods (I have a love hate relationship with Home Goods).  I love the stuff, but I hate to buy it.  On our way, we got mad at ourselves for considering Home Goods when we should be investing antiques.  So, we changed our route and went to a little place by our house.  Check out this incredible drop leaf table we got.  And, it matches my future pillows!

 Ok, so let me explain a few things here.  First of all, I am not happy with how it is adorned, shall we say?  I have been moving things all over the house and I just haven't found the right assortment of accessories.  Second, I am not a fan of the crock store under the table.  Love the crocks, love the table...but the stock of crocks makes us look like dealers.  Finally, the Bose iPod station.  I am in love with our newest purchase.  However, it does not really compliment our early 1800s drop leaf table.  Ian and I are in a mini battle.  He thinks it's practical here...I think it's ugly here.  Thoughts?  You can get a better sense of how it fits into this side of the room from our house tour.

When I was moving around furniture and deco yesterday, I put this IKEA table next to our couch as a sort of end table.  I didn't love this, but it kept up the cottage look and it worked, for now.

Then, we went antiquing today and saw this blue green end table.  I loved it the minute I saw it.  We left it, couldn't get it out of our minds and had to go back and get it.  It brings in more of the colors I am going for. 

Can you spot the problem???  It's too tall!  Is it just me?  Do end tables need to be around the height of the arm of the couch or chair?  I think so, right?  Does this look ridiculous?  Does it overwhelm the couch?  Was the circle table better?  Should I take the plunge and cut the legs to shorten it?  (I already got blown over by no's from the husband and the brother-in-law).  What's a girl to do?


  1. Well, I have to say that I really like the white table better. It's the right height & I really like the shape of it. I do see what you're saying about color, can you paint it the color you want? I think chopping off the legs of the other table would work too, but I would be pretty worried that I wouldn't get it quite right and it would rock.

    I do really love the material you chose for the pillows! But I'm going to have to agree with Ian on the ipod player, only because of the practicality issue. Maybe you can find some frame or something that can be put in front of it and easily moved when you want to use it? Not sure of any way around that one. ;-)

    That's my two cents anyways, I'm curious to see what you end up doing!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Kim. Excellent points! I will compromise on the speakers but I am torn about the table. I agree it doesn't look right, there. A little switcheroo might do the trick.

  3. Ok you asked...and you know me..but I hate to cause a ruckus in your new home...I don't like the bose speaker on that table. While it may be practical, (and Bill would have likely put it there too) I think it detracts from the cottage look you are trying to achieve.
    About the taller table, maybe find another place it will look nice the table, but I do think it's too high for the couch. I tend to think tables need to be a comfortable reach from the couch. Sorry, I am full of great ideas for everyone but myself!!! :-)

  4. Thanks Kathy...exactly what I was thinking!