Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo of the Day #1

Paterson Falls

Shortly after I met Allison, I knew that I wanted to be with her. She was excavating a tavern site on the east bank of the Paterson River, which, was just downstream of the Paterson Falls. I would make myself busy all day geocaching and exploring and would meet the crew back at their hotel after dark. It was fun "running around" with Al back then.

Paterson was an interesting place, and I assume, still is. I would hang out at the site with the crew and encounter some of the "interesting people" that would happen by. They had to lock the port-o-potty so that no one would be living in there come morning. The food, however, was amazing, especially the Lebanese place.

 The site was also totally awesome. A colonial tavern on top of a prehistoric component. The project yielded an amazing number and quality of artifacts.

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