Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Spankin' New Camera

After doing my own research and consulting experts, Allison and I made a decision on a digital camera...the Nikon D3100 SLR.
Here are the things that I found are important when considering makes and models...
  • SLR (Single Lens Reflex) - Basically, it uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system to allow the viewer to see exactly what will be captured in the photo.                                     
  • 14.2 mega-pixel CMOS sensor (to capture images) 
  • It can record full 1080p HD videos
  • It has a wide ISO range (100 - 3200), AKA film speed                             
    • Lower numbers = slower films = need more light = longer exposures
    • Higher numbers = faster films = need less light = shorter exposures
  • Lithium-ion battery means longer life!
  • A friend of mine told me that Nikon is a good company to go with because any lens that works for one camera, will work for a future upgrade. He is using a lens that he originally bought 15 years ago for a film camera, with his new digital.
  • Everything I came across said that the D3100 is a perfect camera for young families who want to take beautiful images but don't want to worry about complicated functionality 
 That's basically what sold me!  Since we got the Nikon D3100, it's lived up to it's reputation. It's easy to use and it takes great pictures.

One negative - I wish you could zoom in on an image using the LCD screen and edit images on the camera (like on most compact digital cameras). To edit images, I have to use software such as Picaso, Picnik, or the Nikon software that came with it...but it is a small price to pay for such great images, plus I can add text, effects and borders this way.

A second negative - It's a nice camera, so I'm nervous to take it hiking, or near water. ...but we'll will take it...I can't wait to in fact.  Maybe to Ringing Rocks this weekend?

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  1. Nice camera! I think Bill wants this one now too! I know he's been eying it lately!