Monday, February 14, 2011

Gnocchi & Sage Butter

Ian and I don't usually do anything too special for Valentine's Day, but it does give me an excuse to make a nice dinner...don't get too excited. I didn't go above and beyond. I just wanted to try something new with things that I already had in the house. I decided to try gnocchi and sage butter. I'll admit, I was inspired by a recipe in Rachel Ray's Everyday this month. I had mushrooms, shallots, and broccoli on hand so I thought...why not?

I melted 2 tbsp of butter and 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil over low-medium heat. Then I added some sliced mushrooms and sliced shallots. I let it sit for a while, maybe about 5 minutes, then stirred and let it cook for another minute or so. As this got going, I started to boil a pot of water.

When the mushrooms were nicely cooked through, I set them aside and repeated with another 2 tbsp of butter, 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, the rest of the mushrooms, and another sliced shallot.

The water was just about boiling at this point so I added the gnocchi and the broccoli. Gnocchi cooks up in no time (you know when they're ready because they float to the top) and I only want to take the bite out of the broccoli so they both only took about two minutes or so.

As the mushrooms finished cooking, I added the mushrooms I had put to the side, chopped sage, ground nutmeg, salt and pepper...oh yeah, and the rest of the stick of the butter. Don't judge! It's Valentine's Day.

Right about this time, the gnocchis had all risen to the top and the broccoli was a vibrant shade of green, so I grabbed a slotted spoon and put some on Ian's plate and some on mine. Then, I poured the sage buttered mushroom sauce on top.

I had a few sage leaves left so I decided to fry them up until they were nice and crispy. They are a perfect garnish for a buttery pasta dish!

This came out earthy and hearty. I regret that I haven't had more time to cook. I also regret that I have an incredible camera and I am incapable of taking decent pictures of good food. That's ok...I'm learning.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Yum! Gnocchi with butter and sage is quintessential comfort food in my house.

    I made gnocchi from scratch for the first time last week and it was a revelation-- so much tastier than store-bought and pretty easy to make.

  2. Sooo good, right?!?! I'd love your gnocchi recipe if you would be so kind to share.

  3. This looks delicious, definitely adding it to my menu list. And I hear you on the camera thing, I have a great one but this time of year it's impossible to get a good shot of dinner. CANNOT wait for longer days!