Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday 2.22.11


Today I am showing TED Talks to my 7th graders to demonstrate what makes an effective--and an ineffective--presentation.  I am also gearing up for my own TED experience that's coming up!  So, here are my 10 Favorite TEDs on Tuesday.

1.  Turning Dunes into Architecture

2. Sixth Sense Technology

3. Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain with Music

4. Spaghetti Sauce

5.  Stroke of Insight

6. The Opportunity of Adversity

7. Ze Frank's Nerdcore Comedy

8. Teach Every Child About Food

9.  Creativity and Play

10.  Teaching Life Lessons Through Tinkering

1 comment:

  1. I really learned something new tonight, I have never heard of TEDs and had to google it. :-) I love the Bobby McFerrin one...how great is he?? And now I'm going to have Don't Worry, Be Happy floating around in my head for a week, ha! Thanks for linking up!