Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Ten on Tuesday


There's a great blog I follow, It's a Crafty Life, that you have to check out.  Kim has so many great ideas to share!  ...and she's already been very helpful in some decorating decisions at Quaint Oaks.  Anyhoo, she hosts a linkup, Ten on Tuesday, where you can post a top ten list, talk about ten things on your mind, post ten pictures...you get the idea.  So, here's my first Ten on Tuesday.

Do you ever feel like things just aren't going your way?  I have lots of those times...we all do.  Well, not this week!  This has been a great week!  I thought I would list ten things that have gone right, so here it goes...

  1. Ian and I both applied for invitations to the upcoming TED conference for educators in NYC and we both received invitations!   An ordinary weekend turned into an awesome opportunity, a dinner in Little Italy, and a night in the city!
  2. I just ordered a book online that I have been wanting to read, and it came in!  Nothing to Envy is a book about life in North Korea, based on interviews with defectors.  I don't know where my recent interest in North Korea has come from, but I find the whole thing fascinating.  I can't wait to keep reading...just 8 more items to list and then I can get back to it.
  3. Ian and I got a new antique table!  It has presented a decorating dilemma, but I still really like it.  The color is great and the style is a little different...we just need to find it the perfect home.
  4. Even better!  We also got an antique wooden chemist's box.  I love it!  I'll post pictures later.  We're going to throw some test tubes in it and use it for wall art...sounds strange, but you'll see.
  5. I used our new Bose speakers today to listen to my favorite podcast and I loved them! ...that counts, right??? 
  6. I won a SMARTBoard projector for my classroom!  ...this is probably the highlight of my week!  I never thought I would have my own SMARTBoard, but I do!  Well, I will!  ...soon!  Maybe next week?!  I couldn't be more excited.
  7. Ian asked if I wanted to go to Ringing Rocks this weekend to do some hiking and take picture with our new camera.  I haven't been there since our first date, more than 6 years ago.  Super excited!
  8. We have ten followers on our quaint blog.  Maybe not such a big deal, but the fact that half are not family members is a very big deal!  Thanks to our followers!
  9. Packers won the Super Bowl!!!  ...that's for Ian.
  10. It's starting to feel a little warmer out there!  That definitely deserves a spot on the list.
So there you have it...my first Ten on Tuesday.   Now, back to my book...


  1. We got smartboards when we moved into our new building last year---they are awesome, and you're going to love it! Trust me, your blog is going to take off with tons of followers soon! Love the his & her perspective you guys have. Thanks so much for linking up & enjoy your book!

  2. Wow, congrats on the TED invites!! I've seen some of their conferences on youtube.

  3. I love this blog....love the fact I can keep up with what's happening in your neck of the woods....beautiful woods I might add!

  4. I am in awe of that sweet lil nest below.....how cute!!!