Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handwritten Charm

Today I found myself sitting at my desktop at work writing an email, with a laptop next to me on which I was revising the minutes from a team meeting, as my iPhone went off to remind me of another meeting, which made me think to add a note to my AwesomeNote app about something I wanted to pack for my upcoming trip...seriously...not kidding.  That all happened.  It struck me that I have stopped writing things down.  Evernote, Diigo, email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, iCalendar, blogging...what am I missing???  I never have a need to write.  How sad.

Even though I have never really liked my handwriting, I am a note-taker at heart.  I write down everything, but I have recently come to depend on technology to manage my lists, notes, and communications.  Then, I came across a note that my Pop-Pop wrote to me many years ago.  The look of his handwriting brought back a flood of memories.  It was all so familiar.  There is nothing sentimental about 12 pt Times New Roman.  What will I leave behind for my children and grandchildren to find one day?  Here is an amazing TEDtalks on just that.

So, today I make a promise to write more.  More hand-written notes, more lists, maybe a journal.  I am going to write out my favorite go-to recipes and write on the backs of pictures.  I will not save my life on a hard-drive.

When I found my Pop's note, it made me think of a great DIY art project on Etsy...stenciled handwriting art!  I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE BOOKS will be a great piece of wall-art for our library.  More on this soon, I hope!

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