Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavener Hunt Sunday 2.20.11

It's our second Scavenger Hunt Sunday! This week we found...

1. Chocolate
I never made crepes before...that is, before this weekend's cooking extravaganza. Chocolate syrup and raspberries made a great topping. Here's my crepe recipe.

2. Numbers
Ian has an incredible mineral collection...among many many other collections. The charm of this collection is the small assortment of birch boxes that each contain tiny samples of different minerals. They are labeled with handwritten script numbers and the names of each sample. We have since bought plastic containers that will help preserve the samples better, but these handwritten birch boxes are going to make great wall art in the near future!

3. Canned Food
This one stumped us! Then we remembered the Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup we had in the cabinet. We have to thank Ashley Sisk at Rambling & Photos because her scavenger hunt criteria inspired us to make Grandma's famous chicken and gravy!

4. Music
We finally got our Bose speakers! We went back and forth about whether or not we needed such a powerful dock for our quaint place, but in the end we decided if we're going to do something, we ought to do it right. We have no regrets. This dock is awesome!

5. Stack
Our stockpile of wood. So perfectly stacked. This cord has kept us warm all winter and will probably take us right into spring. Cozy!


  1. MMM that chocolate shot looks so delicious-great job!

  2. Love the simplicity of your music picture and the warmth of your numbers! Well done! ~ you asked about my 28 in lights...slow shutter speed, dark room (or night), manual focus, willing helpers and flashlights...then have some fun! Congrats on your new camera, too :) Have fun with it...

  3. Great job - I love your music and numbers shots. I hope you have a great week!

  4. Fun shots - that music one is really - REALLY - Amazing :D

  5. Love your shots! Numbers and chocolate are my favorites!

  6. Wow, that mineral collection shot is gorgeous! I think it's a unique collection and it just looks so vintage. I also love the speakers, it was a great perspective.

  7. Love the canned food shot! The crepes look delicious!

  8. Love your chocolate and music shot.

  9. Oh I just love the numbers shot - those little boxes are so great.

  10. WOW ! your crepes look so delicious !!!!!!

    Greetings from Finalnd :)